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Confessions of a repressed voice

here are our tales...

go ahead...give us your best shot...
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We are a rating community for all creative writers. You must first submit sample work before being stamped in. Once you are a member you can post as often as possible and vote on other members. We are not going to allow just anyone in. Your job as an applicant is to impress us! There are A LOT of rules...a lot of them are pretty basic, others not. Be sure to read ALL of them...then post them on your monitor so that you can live by them!


live by them or die!

1. No degerogotory material. Anything considered to be offensive will be deleted and the user will be banned. No questions asked!
1. No flaming and or trolling. If this is how you get your kicks, fine by me, but I don't wanna see it! You can't post here unanimously anyway.
3. No voting until you have been stamped by the maintainer. If you do, you will be asked to leave.
4. Keep your critism as constructive as possible. If you don't agree with something, nice...keep your rudeness to yourself. This is what your personal journal is for.
5. On your first post write a small bio for yourself just telling us about your previous experience with writing.
6. No whining and complaining because you were rejected. Try again later with something better. If someone does not like what you wrote don't bitch about it...it won't make you a better writer. Save that energy and write something better.
7. I am not a babysitter. Anyone here that cannpt conduct themselves in a mature manner will be banned.
8. On the subject line for your introductory post type in "sip some creativity juice." On your first post as a stamped member please write Accepted as the subject line
9. Stay on topic. I don't wanna see posts about your cheating boyfriend (unless done in a creative manner)and so fourth.
10. Advertising other communities with the same goal is okay, as long as it is done under the cut. Otherwise check with the maintainer.
11. ALL POSTS MUST BE UNDER A CUT. WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE INTRODUCTORY POST. (lj-cut text="whatever you wanna call it") entry (/lj-cut) replace these () brackets with these though <> All posts without a cut will get a single warning from the MAINTAINER...needs to be fixed within 24 hours, if not it will be deleted. You may repost it correctly.
12. Check with the maintainer before posting anything in here that is graphic or questionable.
14. Make all posts friend's only.
15. No plagerism...NO IF AND's or BUTS!!!
17. Please give 3 sample writings for rating...No less! Anything else will not be accepted for evaluation.
18. please remain as active as possible. VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! POST POST POST!!!

Posts include but are not limited to

~Short stories
~original lyrics
~parts of stories

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