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HERE WITHIN YOUR SHADOW [Jun. 17th, 2005|05:00 am]
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(T. Beechey)

Here within your shadow
Is where I choose to dwell
It's the only place I know
That words can never tell
I wish I could stay forever
But I know the day shall come
When the ties between us sever
And we return to where we're from

Here within your shadow
Is now a home to me
As I bask within the warm glow
Of your sincerity
If I had a million chances
I would never seek to leave
Cause I've discovered what enhances
My reason to believe

All my life I've wondered
What my existence meant
As the rolling clouds thundered
Over everywhere I went
Till,finally,I found reason
In the shadow of your soul
Where the echoes of each season
Resonate and make me whole

And,until then,I'll remain here
With a smile upon my face
With not a drop of rain near
This sacred,hallowed place
Here within your shadow
Is just where I belong
And the day that I must go
Is the day when life is wrong
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passion [Jun. 16th, 2005|12:13 am]
go ahead...give us your best shot...
[music |bjork]

the only poem i had saved on the computer lol so this is all you're getting for now lol

Such a confusing emotion, you are. You expose yourself during the most unexpected times, as if our bodies were objects open to possession by a greater force. The actions brought about by your influence often have disastrous consequences yet, you are a beautiful and intriguing thing.
We cannot live with or without you. What makes you dangerous yet so addicting at the same time? Perhaps we feed off of your energy. Or maybe your existence is simply a curse placed upon us...
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LIMITLESS ENDINGS [May. 13th, 2005|07:14 pm]
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(T. Beechey)

Just what is truth? A fanciful lie? Is that why it can't soothe each tear that I cry?
The revelation of fact before it is known: an unholy pact with the mystic unknown?
What is the pleasure that is found in pain? What price is treasure without any gain?
There's no reason or rhyme for such a curse...unless such a time is viewed in reverse

For sometimes lies can be the truth as seen through the eyes of wayward youth
Those who conspire and those which complain,who sit by the fire in the pouring rain
What is their dream? Who hears their plea? Doesn't it seem that once it was we
Who roamed the street so unaware of the rhythmic beat in the fragrant air?

Where are they from and where do they go? Why did we come and why don't we know?
Is there no answer? Are questions unheard? Perhaps now's our chance for a final word
Let's take a peek into what never was,just a moment to seek what within never does
Perhaps if we gazed in the reflecting glass,we'd be amazed at what images pass

For without the shadow or the disguise,we both truly look of our own eyes
It's anyone's guess but the clock on the wall says either confess or damned be us all
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WINGS [Apr. 28th, 2005|08:06 pm]
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(T. Beechey)

There was a boy who yearned to fly and,for hours,he'd watch the birds in the sky
And one could tell by his eye's gleam that some way,someday he would realize his dream
From his body he sprouted wings --- beautiful,gorgeous,spectacular things
With the colors of a thousand springs and all the splendor which nature brings
And they spanned the entire world,shielding all from rains as they unfurled
And,as they were drawn and curled,the color trails swooped and swirled

First,he leapt into the wind but,from this plan,he chose to rescind
So he kept the wind to his back,but all he knew faded to black
He tried to take off on a run,but grew entangled in the rays of the sun
Finally,he tried just staying still and remained just that way until...

He gazed once more at the beauty he found within the sky,then looked around
At what to him was now a cell from which he would eternally dwell
And so his wings began to rot,his dreams of flight were no longer a thought
The colors,once brilliant,began to dull...leaving behind nothing at all

He watched as others took his place and soared above with glamour and grace
And,to each one,he wished them well as he awaited the tolling of the bell
For that was all that remained,now indelibly ingrained
Upon his soul to bear the shame,upon the stone to bear his name

So,he watched as the world passed him by without a glance to his tear-stained eye
And,when came the time for him to die ---- since no one cared,no one asked why
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SOMEWHERE IT IS WRITTEN [Apr. 28th, 2005|08:05 pm]
go ahead...give us your best shot...

(T. Beechey)

Somewhere it is written,it's anyone's guess
Perhaps by one who wished more and found less
That those who stand in the pouring rain
Seeking a hand only search in vain.

To those who seek shelter in the open air
And continue to swelter when the sun isn't there
To those who awaken to silent screams
Visibly shaken by violent dreams
To those in search of the fruit of life
Only to find the tip of the knife
To those whose visions steadily dim
Till all that left is the top of the rim

Somewhere it is written,in between the lines
Which seldom fit in with the designs
That all that is given is barely received
And all that is taken is rarely believed.

To those who see shadow without hint of light
And a chilled wind blows in the day and night
To those who seek joy in a bottomless glass
And,through brittled hands,all does pass
To those to which time has been unkind
To those who are free yet still confined
To those whose flames have dwindled to embers
And no one,even them,even remembers...

Somewhere it is written,no one knows where
Perhaps by a mitten on the frosted air
That all that is spoken goes forever unheard
And becomes a token to a mislaid word.
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THE PIPER [Mar. 5th, 2005|06:08 am]
go ahead...give us your best shot...

(T. Beechey)

When,all around,there is the sound of peaceful solitude
And the only images to be found exist within the mood
That's the chance to accept the dance even if you can't
You'll find the step where it's kept within the piper's chant

When,all within,the ceaseless din of the world fades away
Allowing for just a moment to breathe the scent of day
That is when you begin again to seek what left so soon
And,when you do,only then will you hear the piper's tune

The whispers in the breezes which appeases and consumes
The ripples in the water,color splashes in the plumes
Blending with the mending of a heart denied in love
This is only but a sampling of all the piper's of

Upon the crests of windfalls,there's no walls to divide
Expressions emerge quickly when there's not a need to hide
From the majestic rise of mountains to fountains spraying mist
This is where,in the fragrant air,you shall feel the piper's kiss

When,all throughout,the cloak of doubt is lifted to reveal
Just what life is all about in all you think and feel
That's a sign to drink the wine,the sweet nectar which abounds
In the presence of the lilting tones amidst the piper's sounds

When all above,below,beyond,there's a bond between the land
And man as he embraces life with a strong and steady hand
That's the time to begin the climb from where you've been so long
And follow the echoes of the chime which exist in the piper's song
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extremely passionate writer [Dec. 31st, 2004|08:03 am]
go ahead...give us your best shot...

hey all, recent work. i live to write, i hope someday i can put music to this. im working on it :]
no sugarcoated bullshit pls :D. honest detailed feedback will be much appreciated.ppl tell me im good but i wonder if they mean it the way i want them to mean it. i know im good so comments stating otherwise shall not change this one egotistical trait of mine :]

someone told me i was worth it
"hate to break it to ya but everyones depressed"
but if sadness is all i have what do i have left?
nothing more nothing less,
just another attempt to establish eternal emptiness.

which leads to my justification to remain in this pit
of rotting bones i desperately seek to inherit
only i could have found it and only i could trap myself within
its ribcage, caged, there never was such a prisoner who was so willing to stay in.

are u beautiful? ur not beautiful. why does a single look tear you down so?
uneven floor. awaiting the weight of the arrival.
one bloody grasp, reach for the shovel. buried underneath the rotting dirt by my own two hands.
two hands clawing to bury its owner.

i cant be happy i cant let go to something so beautiful
accepting oneself is so artificial, impossible
regarding this human being of recycled paper
there i go again with excuses i always seem to lose especially when i dont want to win
over this mindset that has become a friend

i wish i was beautiful couldnt i think i was beautiful even if the world didnt think me so?

trust me friend, when i honestly say i wish i could. but understand the logic when i say-
the desperate answer HAS to be no.

inspired after having a conversation with a friend. i seriously think he's my semi guardian angel, either that or my conscience in the form of jimminy cricket.
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MERRY CHRISTMAS [Dec. 25th, 2004|11:32 am]
go ahead...give us your best shot...

just wanted to tell you all to have a very meery and safe christmas!!!!


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WHERE I AM [Dec. 23rd, 2004|09:56 am]
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Somewhere a light flickers,way off in the distance
Yet there is a resistance between that light and me
For I yearn to see the world in its glowing
Still,I can't help knowing that it's not meant to be

But I can dream and imagine all of the splendor
The tender caresses of light on my face
In a place of comfort and deep introspection
Where the only direction is directly toward grace

I have dreamed of this moment forever and always
Through this maze I've traveled beyond and below
And that glow,it's now closer that ever
But I'll never partake of its radiant flow

For I'm destined to stay forever shrouded
Behind clouded remnants of a dream overdue
Where you don't exist and I'm quickly forgotten
So,beneath the rotten timbers,I view

As that distant light flickers,just beyond my grasping
And the moments lapsing increase over time
Till they climb beyond possible reaching
Thus teaching a lesson only known to the mime
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sorry people [Dec. 23rd, 2004|12:55 am]
go ahead...give us your best shot...

[mood |chipperchipper]

my apologies...

It is I, your loyal...yet absent maintainer.

I have been away for some time now. I apologize for any delays. In order to make up for like 2 or three weeks of lost time. The first 3 responses to this post are automatically in.

for those that are members..please promote...we need it!!!
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